15 Two Dimensional Motion Examples: Detailed Explanations

If the motion of the object is in the two dimensions then it is said to be two dimensional motion.

The rate of velocity of the objects in two dimensional motions is measured in two different components by calculating the rate of change of position in two dimensions. Here is a list of two dimensional motion examples that we are going to discuss here below:-

Football Kicked in the Air

On kicking the football, it drifts high up in the air in the projectile motion.

The motion of the ball is vertically as well as horizontally which is in two dimensions. The ball will cover the maximum distance if it is kicked at a 45-degree angle.


The swing oscillates to and fro motion. The swing is at a maximum height above the ground when it reaches the two endpoints from the point of the rest position.

Hence the motion of a swing is in horizontal as well as vertical motion.


The volume of water moves in a linear motion, till it reaches the cliff and then takes a parabolic curvilinear motion while changing the direction of its motion and falling vertically downward.

Here, the water moves in two dimensions to make a fall in the basin.


While sliding on a slider, the motion of the body is in a forward direction as well as downward reducing the height of the body above the ground.

The potential energy acquired by the body raised at a height is converted into kinetic energy. The body tends to remain in the state of motion until the opposite force is exerted on the body by the ground.

Airplane Taking a Flight

The airplane moves at an angle of 45 degrees with the ground initially while taking a flight in the air.

The motion of the airplane is in the forward direction as well as vertically moving up in the air. Enough trust is created on the ground to lift the weight of the plane in the air.

Passing the Ball

While passing the ball to the other player, you drive the ball in the parabolic motion in the air.

The ball moves to convert its kinetic energy into potential energy and attains the maximum potential energy on reaching the highest point in the air. From this point, the ball moves with a horizontal velocity for some distance and then accelerates down by converting potential energy into kinetic energy.

Object in a Circular Motion

Any object accelerating in a circular motion exerts a centripetal force that pulls the object inward. On contrary, the centrifugal force acting on the object is pushing the object in the outward direction. Both these forces help the object to move in a circular path.

The acceleration of the ball is in the forwarding direction but the force pulling the ball in the inward direction makes the circular path trajectory of the ball and hence the motion of the object moving in a circular path is a two dimensional motion.

Long Jump

A player runs for some distance and takes a high leap in the air by applying the force on the ground using her feet.

The equivalent force acting on her body helps her to take a long jump moving in a parabolic path and to cover the maximum distance possible in a leap.

Missile Launcher

As the missile is ignited from the launcher, it moves in a parabolic path towards the target.

The distance at which the missile has to make its fall is adjusted by measuring the angle whereupon releasing it at a corresponding angle will make a throw at the right target area. 

Car Climbing on a Hill

A car accelerating on a hill moves in a forward direction as well as with the increasing height of the Car above the plane surface in the vertical direction. The motion of the car is in two directions.

An Object Dropped from the Running Vehicle

When you drop any light-weighted object from the running vehicle, the airflow will drag the object a little backward before it settles on the surface of the ground. If the mass of the object was heavy then it would have directly dumped on the surface but for the observer in the car, it would have appeared that the object has moved backward.

Taking a Leap in a Swimming Pool

A swimmer diving into the swimming pool water takes a leap from the height.

Upon taking a jump the body of the swimmer moves a little forward before accelerating his body vertically downward due to the force of gravity.

Hot Air Balloon Coming Down

As the hot air balloon comes down towards the ground from its flight, it moves in an inclined path in the air.

Hence the motion of the hot air balloon is a two dimensional motion example.


As the player gives a throw to the ball, it moves in a parabolic path.

The ball is accelerated upward and also moves in a forward direction.

Taking a Jump to Cross the Barrier

While taking a jump you apply pressure on your feet to generate the reaction force from the ground to push your body upward to benefit you to take the longest leap to cross the barrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

A swimmer taking a leap in a pool standing at a height of 5 meters above the ground and the velocity of the body was 4m/s then how far the distance will he cover from the base?

Given: v=4m/s



Since the acceleration and the displacement of the body is in the negative y-axis,

x= -5m

a= -9.8 m/s2


CodeCogsEqn 66 1

Hence horizontal displacement is


Which types of motion are two dimensional motions?

If the motion of the object is in two directions it is said to be moving in two dimensions.

The object moving in a projectile motion, centripetal motion, or on the inclined plane, the object possesses two dimensional motion.

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