13 Promethium Uses: Facts You Should Know!

Promethium with atomic number 61 is a chemical element, represented by symbol Pm. The electronic configuration of Pm is [Xe]4f56s2. Let us study different uses of Promethium (Pm).

The different applications of promethium are listed down below:

  • Physics
  • Industry
  • Chemistry

Promethium is an extremely rare, radioactive element. The different applications of promethium 147, promethium chloride are studied below.


  • Promethium serves as a source of radioactivity and x rays in measuring instruments.
  • Promethium is used in in lasers which are used to communicate with submerged submarines.
  • Promethium applications lies in the field of production of atomic batteries.
  • Promethium simulates the space conditions on Earth, during preparations for long-term interplanetary missions (e.g., Mars).
  • Promethium-147 emits beta radiation which is absorbed by phosphor to emit light.
  • Promethium-147 is used in very small quantity in Philips CFL glow switches.


  • Promethium is used in research.
  • The thickness of materials is measured by using Promethium
  • Promethium is used in pacemakers.
  • Promethium illuminates the instruments in the Apollo landing modules.


  • PmCl3 is used to generate long lasting glow in buttons and signal lights.
  • The mixture of promethium chloride and zinc sulfate is used for time as a major luminous paint for watches.
Different uses of Promethium


The applications of promethium are mainly because of its radioactivity. The most stable promethium isotope is Promethium-145 while only promethium-147 has practical applications The future possible uses of Pm are in portable X-ray sources, and as auxiliary power or hear sources for satellites and space probes.