25 Praseodymium Uses: Facts You Should Know!

Praseodymium is a chemical element with atomic number 59, represented by symbol Pr. Let us study different applications of Praseodymium (Pr).

  • Optics and Photonics
  • Industry

Let us focus on different application of praseodymium compounds like nitrate, fluoride, chloride, bromide, etc. in detail in this article.

Optics and Photonics

Praseodymium has a different uses in the field of optics and photonics

  • Praseodymium based on its ability are mainly involved in to filter yellow light from light sources.
  • Used in fibre lasers, single-mode fibre optical amplifiers, DPSS-lasers, etc.
  • It is used as activators in green, red, blue, and ultraviolet phosphors.


The different applications in industry are:

  • It is used in aircraft engines
  • Praseodymium catalysts is used in polishing glass
  • It is used in the manufacture of glass bowlers and welders.

Praseodymium oxide uses

Praseodymium oxide is a chemical compound made from Praseodymium and oxygen, having formula Pr2O3. They are formed in white hexagonal crystals.

The applications of Pr2O3 are discussed herewith.

  • Research
  • Painting
  • Equipment’s


  • When combine with silicon, Pr2O3 is used as dielectric.
  • Pr2O3 combines with magnesium ion is used as an alloying agent.


  • Pr2O3 is used to color glass and ceramics yellow.
  • Pr2O3 lights up the arc in carbon electrodes which gives the yellow color to the glass.


  • It is used in conjunction with a promoter like sodium or gold, which improves its catalytic performance.
  • It is used in welding goggles.

Praseodymium nitrate uses

Praseodymium nitrate with chemical formula Pr(NO3)3 is a green coloured chemical compound. It is soluble in polar solvents, forms hexahydrate and is a very hygroscopic compound.

Pr(NO3)3 is mainly used in the field of research, uses are discussed below.

  • Pr(NO3)3 is used in phosphors and fluorescent display tubes.
  • It is majorly used in solvothermal process for the production of doped lanthanide oxysulfides.
  • Pr(NO3)3 is used in ultrasonic synthesis of praseodymium molybdate.

Praseodymium fluoride uses

Praseodymium fluoride exits in three forms, PrF2, PrF3 and PrF4. PrF3 is an inorganic compound and is most stable fluoride of praseodymium.

The different applications of praseodymium fluoride are discussed below.

  • Physics
  • Film Making


  • PrF3 is used for vacuum deposition.
  • PrF3 is used in the making of arc carbon additives and praseodymium metals.
  • Doping Praseodymium in Fluoride glass can be used as a single mode fibre optical amplifier.

Film Making

  • PrF3 is used in motion picture industry for projector lights and studio lighting.

Praseodymium chloride uses

Praseodymium chloride with chemical formula PrCl3 is a blue green coloured chemical solid occurs in both hydrated and anhydrous forms.

The applications of PrCl3 are  mainly in the field of chemistry, which are listed down as follows

  • It is used as a starting point in the preparation of praseodymium salts.
  • It increases the activity of Pr6O11, which is used in the oxidation of methane to ethane.
  • PrCl3 used in producing metal praseodymium, glass ceramics, praseodymium compounds, and colouring.

Praseodymium bromide uses

Praseodymium bromide is a crystalline compound composed of 1 Praseodymium atom and three bromine atoms, having chemical formula PrBr3. It is green solid which is usually handled in powder form.

The uses are written down as follows

  • Film Making
  • Equipments

Film Making

  • Praseodymium (III) bromide is used in motion picture industry.
  • It is used in color cubic zirconia to simulate peridot.


  • Used in production of Welder and glass blower goggles.
Uses of Praseodymium


Praseodymium is a member of rare earth metals. Compounds of Praseodymium gives enamels, glasses, and ceramics a yellow color. It is used in wind turbines as permanent magnets. In a future powered by renewable energy, praseodymium will be one of the key targets of geopolitical struggle.