Portable Solar Panel:5 Important Uses(You Must Know!)

What Is A Solar Panel?

Solar panels (also called”PV panels“) are utilized to convert light energy from sunlight (consists of particles of energy known as “photons” ) into electricity.

Portable solar panels

Solar panels are large and big, requiring installation; however, a new production of solar panels can be found and which may be carried easily, can be used in a mobile capacity. Solar panels are made up of many smaller cells that are able to absorb light.

Portable solar panels look intimidating to work; however, the electricity generation process is very straightforward as similar to bigger panels and always mentioned in the instructions manual. At first, the device needs to be assembled in a sunny area and connect the cords to use any purpose for example such as mobile charging, lighting camper, home, or other devices. We just need to decide on how many wattage we require? We have to buy a portable panel accordingly—sometimes, we need a simple solar power controller to add up with solar panels.

Portable solar panels
Various Portable Solar panels for different Applications
Image Credit : Foncesoulstudio and WikipididiaCommons

How is solar energy obtained?

There are several ways to utilize energy in sunlight. The two ways to utilize energy from sunlight are photovoltaics and solar thermal storage. Photovoltaics are a whole lot more typical for smaller-scale electricity generation (such as residential solar panel installations), and solar thermal capture is generally only used for electricity generation on enormous scales in usefulness solar installations. In addition to generating electricity, lower temperatures variations of solar projects may be used for cooling and heating.

Solar certainly will continue to spread rapidly in the coming years and is among sources of power on the planet and the fastest growing. Solar panel technology, every year advancing, enhances the financial benefits of solar energy, adding to the ecological advantages of picking a renewable energy supply.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels collect sunlight and convert this into electrical energy via photo voltaic cell, usually a solar panels combination of multiple photo voltaic cells, made by silicon, phosphorus and rare-earth materials etc.

At a setup, power is generated by a solar array during the daytime that’s subsequently utilized during night and Net-metering programs enable if their system generates more power than required could be utilized for profit generation. In a battery charge based control panel, an inverter is necessary components.

The electricity is then drawn out of the battery bank into the inverter, which converts the DC into alternating current (AC), which may be used to get non-DC appliances.

Solar Panel: Diagram of the possible components of a photovoltaic system
Solar Panel: Diagram of the possible components of a photovoltaic system

The Benefits of Solar Panels

Utilizing solar panels is a way to create electricity for many programs. The apparent would need to be living, means dwelling in a place that’s not serviced by the electrical utility grid. Cottages and houses benefit from energy systems.

Is it required to pay prices for the installation of poles and cabling ?

Yes we have to pay price if its not available though government provide lot of incentive to make it more economical. A solar system is potentially less costly and may provide power in a remote place.

solar panel roof straw hut
Solar is providing power in many remote places image credit : pixabay free images

Besides the fact that solar panels make it possible to live off-grid, perhaps the most significant advantage of solar energy is that it is clean as well as a form of renewable energy source, for this reason this is utilized in even for rural electrifications as well as powering the house hold appliances.

How long do solar panels last?

  • Solar panels usually last between 25 to 30 years as per quality of material used and manufacturing technique.
  • The energy production has declined by a significant amount as rated by manufacturers.
  • Need to be replaced with new panels.

Do Solar Panels Require Maintenance?

Modern solar panels are incredibly reliable, though its require cleaning with proper caring to stay in good condition to generate power in most significant way.

  • Keep Solar Panels Clean and free from dust,debris and Other Damaging Materials
  • Make Sure Panels are regularly maintained and monitored.
  • Buy panels from a Trustworthy Solar panel provider. 

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