Impacts Of Ozone Layer Depletion(Read This First!)

What is Ozone ?


Usually, ozone is formed from ionization process of oxygen with the help of UV light and electrical discharge within the Earth’s atmosphere.

image 282
Symbolic structure of Ozone

Reasons of ozone layer depletion:

Ozone is a powerful oxidant ( > di-oxygen) and has several industrial and commercial application associated to oxidation.

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Ozone layer depletion
Image Credit: Saranit gadeOzone depletionCC BY-SA 4.0

In this figure the position ozone layer has been presented and how ozone depletion is created because of pollutant such as CFC has been also explained. Because of this direct solar radiation may come to the earth atmosphere.

Reactions of ozone layer depletion:

Ozone Cycle
Ozone Cycle
Image Credit : Ozone_cycle.jpg: created by NASA derivative work: Smartse (talk), Ozone cycle, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Understanding the greenhouse effect:

  • The “greenhouse effect” is that the warming that occurs when specific gases in the planet’s atmosphere trap warmth. This gas allows in sunlight but retain heat from evasion, alike a glass wall of a house. Scientists are researching about the greenhouse effect since 1824 for various reason, mainly for pollution and climate change. This greenhouse effect is what keeps the planet’s climate liveable.
  • Sunlight shines on the planet’s surface, in which the energy is consumed then radiates back into the air as heat. From the air, greenhouse gas molecule is trapping some part of heat which goes through it, and the rest amount of heat has been again released to space. The greenhouse gas concentrates on the atmospheric air; then, more heat becomes trapped in the molecules.
  • When Joseph Fourier proclaimed that the Earth would be much colder when it is not having any atmosphere surrounding it. This has been observed that the level of greenhouse gas has now gone down and up over the Earth’s history, but at present this changes fairly constant for the last few thousand years.
  • International average temperatures had also stayed fairly steady over time. Throughout other actions that have emitted large quantities of greenhouse gases, especially over the last couple of decades and the burning of fossil fuels, people are improving heating Earth and the greenhouse effect considerably, and in ways that guarantee numerous effects, scientists warn about this certain increment of greenhouse gas and it may cause severally to the climate change.
  • This climate change that is dangerous humankind and need to imposes alternative option to fossil fuel utilizations, to control and in addition to reductions in emissions.

Why does ozone layer depletion matter?

  • This is one of the important things to understand as increase in greenhouse effects directly impacts in climate change and it’s growing fast and could be severe in future for issue like global warming.
  • Archaeologically, Earth’s climate has changed it temp such as those we see and temperatures cold enough to cover large surface of world with ice cover. Surprisingly, the transformation between average global temperatures now and through these ice ages is just about 5 oC, and this have a tendency to to take place gradually, with increase of various pollutant such as CFCs.
  • Though, with portion of greenhouse gas increasing, the chance of ozone layer depletion is also increasing. Earth’s remaining ice-sheets for example occurs in region like Greenland and Antarctica has also started melting. Because of this sea water level can increase rapidly, as well as appreciably. As per prediction in 2050, sea water level will rise around 1.0 and 2.3 feet if significant portion of existing glaciers melt. That is a great concern and need to initiate steps to resolve problem related to global warming.

Impacts of ozone layer depletion:

Ozone layer depletion may impact in several ways, one of the prediction is shown here

Ozone hole recovery
Image Credit: NASA

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