3 Nitryl Chloride Uses: Facts You Should Know!

A volatile inorganic chemical with formula ClNO2 is Nitryl chloride. In this compound, chlorine is linked to the nitrogen of nitro group. Let us read a few uses of nitryl chloride.

The fields where nitryl chloride is used are given below –

  • Oxidising agent in atmospheric chemistry
  • Nitrating agent in organic synthesis
  • Chlorinating agent in organic synthesis

In this article, we will be elaborating more on the role of nitryl chloride in the above mentioned fields.

Oxidizing agent in atmospheric chemistry

  • Nitryl chloride (ClNO2) plays a crucial role in the troposphere’s ability to oxidize.
  • Nitryl chloride (ClNO2) on photolysis liberates extremely reactive chlorine atoms which in turn generates ozone in troposphere due to the oxidation of volatile organic matter.

Nitrating agent in organic synthesis

Nitryl chloride interacts with a number of organic compounds to yield their nitro derivatives. Such nitration reactions (example; benzene to nitrobenzene) are called Friedel-Crafts reaction and are catalyzed by Lewis acid like AlCl3.

Chlorinating agent in organic synthesis

Acetyl chloride and acetyl nitrate are synthesized when nitryl chloride (ClNO2) combines with acetic anhydride.

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Nitryl chloride uses


Nitryl chloride is a colorless gas and has a pungent smell like chlorine. Its average mass is 81.458 u. Finally, we conclude that nitryl chloride has finite number of applications.