15 Neodymium Uses in Different Industries(Need To Know Facts)

Neodymium is a silvery white element with atomic number 60 and atomic mass number 144.24 u. Let us read about some uses of neodymium in different industries in this article.

Nd is considered to be one of the rarest earth metals with a slight malleability and complex spectra of elements. Nd is used in the industries mentioned below:

  • Magnets
  • Lasers
  • Glass and goggles
  • Electronics
  • Chemistry and chemical use

Let us focus on applications of neodymium and its different compounds like oxides and magnets of neodymium through this article.


Nd permanent magnets plays an important role in electronics in which high magnetic field is required in less mass.


Trivalent neodymium (Nd3+) is used in generation of lasers that were used in the most of the applications.

Glass and goggles

  • Nd glass properties makes them useful in making of googles for welders and glass-blowers to calibrate the spectrum of lights emitting from melted glass and welding material.
  • Nd2O3 is included in melted glass to form neodymium glasses which provides glass different colours in diffused and fluorescent lights.

Carbon dating

Neodymium-samarium dating helps to predict the age of rocks and meteorites.


Neodymium has qualities for working as a cryocooler because of its large specific heat capacity.

Chemistry and chemical use

  • Nd3+ and Cd2+ contributes in chemical fertilizers due to similarities in their chemical properties.
  • Nd is used in electron microscopy because of the use of Uranyl acetate.
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Industrial uses of Neodymium

Neodymium oxide uses

Nd2O3 is a compound composed of oxygen and neodymium forming greyish-blue hexagonal crystals. Let us learn about some uses of neodymium oxide in industries-

The major industries using neodymium oxide are mentioned below:

  • Glass industry
  • Catalysis
  • Lasers

Glass industry

Neodymium oxide is doped in melted glass to form neodymium glasses, googles and sunglasses. These glasses changes colour in sunlight and artificial light and also absorbs some light spectra which makes it useful during welding and melted glass moulding.


Nd2O3 is used as a polymerisation catalyst to increase the rate of polymerisation.


Nd2O3 is mixed in enamels and works well in solid-state lasers.

Neodymium magnet uses

Nd2Fe14B or NIB is the most commonly used rare-earth magnet with permanent magnetism above certain temperature. Let us see some major uses of neodymium magnet.

The industries using NIB are mentioned below in the article:

  • Electronics
  • Toys and metal products


Neodymium magnets are found to be working as permanent magnets in hard disks, door locks, headphones, loudspeakers, auto focus actuators, magnetic bearings, electric motors, generators and wind turbines.

Toys and metal products

  • In many industries NIB separates out many unwanted metal elements from the required product.
  • NIB is now being used in some new products like children building set, jewellery caps, parachute equipment.
  • New desk toys are also made from Neodymium magnets.


This article concludes that Neodymium is used in several industries both modern and older. Nd is sometimes used as its pure form or is mixed with other elements having some similarities in chemical properties to get the required products.