5 Magnesium Iodide Uses : Facts You Should Know !

Magnesium iodide is an ionic halide formed between magnesium and iodine. Let us discuss about the uses of MgI2 in this article.

Magnesium iodide is a white crystalline solid substance which has monoclinic crystal structure.

The various uses of MgI2 is as follows,

  • Organic synthesis
  • Iodine production
  • Production of magnesium oxide

Organic synthesis

  • Magnesium iodide is used for certain organic compound preparation.
  • In Baylis Hillman reaction magnesium iodide is the starting material.

Iodine production

Magnesium iodide when heated in air undergoes decomposition to form a brown colored elemental iodine.

Production of MgO

Magnesium iodide heated in presence of air undergo oxidation to yield magnesium oxide, MgO.

magnesium iodide uses
Characteristics of MgI2


Magnesium iodide is an odourless substance in which Magnesium is bonded to two iodine atoms. It is an ionic compound with magnesium and iodine having +2 and -1 charge respectively.