Lysosomes In Cytoplasm: 5 Facts You Should Know

Lysosomes are cell organelles present in the cytoplasm that contain digestive enzymes (lysozyme) that helps in the digestion of various biomolecules. Let us see this in brief.

Lysosomes are found in the cytoplasm because it is one type of subcellular organelle that has a very important function to protect the cell from undesired molecules like microorganisms, viruses, macromolecules as well as old cell parts.

Lysosomes possess some hydrolytic enzymes (carbohydrates, lipases, proteases) and they also require an optimal acidic medium for functioning.

Let us discuss if lysosome is a cytoplasmic organelle, where they are found in cytoplasm, how it works with cytoplasm and many other related questions in this article.

Is lysosome a cytoplasmic organelle?

Lysosomes are also known as “suicidal bags”. Let us explore if it is a cytoplasmic organelle.

Lysosomes are cytoplasmic organelles that act as a defense mechanism during the synthesis of proteins and other desired compounds. It plays a very important role in reducing the very compact structure of the protein as well as misfolding aggregated proteins.

Lysosome from Wikipedia

Lysosome as a cytoplasmic organelle, can act as phagocytosis in which they digest or eliminate all unwanted, damaged, and intracellular pathogens from the cell via the help of hydrolytic enzymes.

Where are lysosomes found in the cytoplasm?

Lysosomes are sacs that produce powerful enzymes to break down large molecules of nutrients into smaller chemical structures. Let us see where they are found in cytoplasm.

Lysosomes are mostly found in the cytosol part of cytoplasm in animal-like-eukaryotic cells rather than in plant cells. The absorption of food by animals, helps in the degradation of materials such as bacteria, and the disposal of other unwanted substances and organelles that are worn out.

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Lysosomes digest materials taken into the cell and recycle intracellular materials from Wikipedia

How does cytoplasm work with lysosomes?

Lysosomes help in the intracellular digestion and destruction of food particles such as viruses and bacteria. Let us learn how cytoplasm work with lysosomes.

Within the cytoplasm, some hydrolytic enzyme is present in lysosomes that serve as an intracellular digestive system as well as for the complete digestion of food, which occurs in the cytoplasm with the help of only one organelle- lysosomes.

They help in removing dead and damaged organelles. So they are called scavengers or demolition squads.

Difference between lysosomes and cytoplasm

Lysosomes Cytoplasm
Purposes 1) Digestion: Larger molecules and those that need to be broken down will be sent to the lysosomes for digestion.
2) Destruction of pathogens : Most cells do not have these highly specialized lysosomes, but they exist nevertheless.
1) The cytoplasm acts as the venue of most chemical processes and it is controlled by enzymes.
2) In cytology, the cytoplasm is the material present within a cell, excluding cell’s nucleus.
Definition Lysosomes are membrane-bound structures that contain lipids and are present inside the cells. Cytoplasm is located between the cell membrane and nuclear membrane.
The cytoplasm is the jelly-like substance of the cell

ShapeLysosomes are sphere shaped vacoules.They do not have any characteristic shape.
Functionsa) It help in degrading the undesired material of the cells.
b) It also plays a very important role in programmed cell death known as apoptosis.
c) The pathogen-killing cells of the immune system have many, many of these lysosomes to destroy pathogens.
a) Storage of food materials.
b) Metabolic reactions such as glycolysis occur here.
c) Signal transduction between the nucleus and cell membrane
d) Cell division
Difference between lysosomes and cytoplasm

Does cytoplasm have Golgi apparatus?

Most of the lysosomes are formed during the packaging process in the Golgi complex. Let us see how cytoplasm has connection with golgi body.

Golgi body is the main organelle that makes the membrane part of lysosomes and covers them and forms vesicles that become helpful for the transport or packaging of carbohydrates as well as proteins for export from the cells. It plays a very important role as it works as a packaging center of a cell.


From the above article, it can be concluded that lysosomes in cytoplasm helps in the destruction of old organelles and invading pathogens.

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