7 Lobsters Characteristics: Facts That You Should Know!

 Lobsters belong to the family called Nephropidae, which are a group of marine organisms. Let us discuss some of its characteristics below.

  • Lobsters generally consists of five pairs of legs, compound eyes, two long pair of antennae and legs for swimming which are attached to the elongated abdomen.
  • The body of lobsters is covered with exoskeleton which is a hard covering and their body is segmented into different parts.
  • Lobsters mainly feed on dead animals and hence known as scavengers but they also eat live fish, small mollusks and seaweed.
  • Certain lobster species such as true lobsters and spiny lobsters have a huge commercial importance.
  • Lobster contains teeth inside their stomach right behind their eyes which helps in churning of the food.
  • Lobsters are sometimes called bugs because their nervous system is similar to ants and grasshoppers.
  • Certain crab species known as Spiny Caribbean lobsters does not have claws and are sold commercially for their tail meat.
  • Lobsters are green, blue and some are multi colored. They turn red when cooked.

Let us discuss whether they are insects or invertebrates, whether or not they are sentient and other related facts in this article.

Are Lobster Insects?

Insects and lobsters both are arthropods and are used as food. Let us discuss whether lobsters are insects or not.

Lobsters are not insects instead they are Crustacea belonging to the Arthropoda phylum. The body of crustaceans is similar to that of insects but they are different in a variety of ways. Lobsters do not have any antennae and wings while insects have a pair of antennae and wings.

Are Lobster Intelligent?

Lobsters have been known to possess qualities that resemble crabs. Let us discuss if they are intelligent or not.

Lobsters are classified as “amazingly smart animals” with several other animals such as dolphins. They are known to be social and also use complicated signals to explore their surroundings. Lobsters have the ability to recognize other lobsters and acquaintances and also have long courtship rituals.  

California Spiny Lobster
Image Credit: Spiny Lobster by Ed Bierman (CC by 2.0)

Are Lobster invertebrates?

Invertebrates are a group of animals that does not have a vertebral column. Let us discuss if lobsters are invertebrates or not.

Lobsters are invertebrates and contains a hard exoskeleton protective covering. They do not contain any bones or inner skeleton. Being invertebrate lobsters serves as food for the people.

Are Lobster mammals?

Mammals are warm blooded creatures having hair and backbones. Let us explore if lobsters are mammals or not.

Lobsters does not come under the mammalian category, instead they belong to crustacean family. Mammals include human beings and other animals which give rise to young ones such as cats, dogs, monkeys, apes, etc.

Are Lobsters sentient?

Lobsters have the capability to experience certain feelings. Let us discuss whether lobsters are sentient or not.

Lobsters are sentient creatures. Lobsters, octopus, crabs and other crustaceans are recognized as “sentient beings” by the animal welfare bill. These animals are capable of feeling pain, sufferings and love.


To conclude the article, we can say that lobsters are of different types and characteristics which are found in various marine environments. Lobsters hold a great significance as they are consumed on a larger scale as an expensive sea food.  

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