Lithium sulfide(Li2S)Properties (25 Facts You Should Know)

Lithium sulfide is an ionic compound with two lithium attached with one sulphur. Let us discuss about various facts related to Li2S in the article.

Lithium sulfide is an inorganic compound which is formed by the reaction between Lithium and sulphur. It is miscible in water ethanol and acid. Li2S is a compound with tetrahedral geometry. Li2S easily oxidizes in air to release very toxic gas called hydrogen sulphide.

Lithium sulfide is mainly used in the production of lithium sulphur batteries. Let us study the oxidation state, molar density, viscosity of lithium sulfide in the following sections.

Lithium sulfide IUPAC name

The IUPAC name of lithium sulfide is Lithium hydro sulfide.

Lithium sulfide chemical formula

The chemical formula of lithium sulfide is Li2S .

lithium sulfide properties
Structure of Lithium sulphide

Lithium sulfide CAS number

The CAS number of the Lithium sulfide is 12136-58-2.

Lithium sulfide chemspider ID

The chemspider ID of lithium sulphide is 8466 196.

Lithium sulfide chemical classification

  • Lithium sulfide is an ionic compound which is inorganic in nature.
  • Lithium sulfide is created when the alkali metal lithium reacts with sulphur.
  • Lithium sulfide’s structure looks like two Lithium atoms are attached to one sulphur.
  • Lithium sulfide is Deliquescent in nature.
  • Lithium sulfide has orthorhombic structure.
  • The standard molar entropy of lithium sulfide is 63 J/mol k.

Lithium sulfide molar mass

The molar mass of lithium sulfide is 49.95 gram / mol.

Lithium sulfide colour

The colour of lithium sulfide can be white or yellow.

Lithium sulfide viscosity

The viscosity of lithium sulfide is not observed. It is because viscosity is a property observed in liquids and lithium sulfide is a solid at room temperature

Lithium sulfide molar density

The molar density of lithium sulphide is 1.67 g / cm3 .

Lithium sulfide melting point

The melting point of lithium sulfide is 9380C or 1211 Kelvin. On the basis of Fahrenheit scale it is 17200F.

Lithium sulfide boiling point

The boiling point of lithium sulfide is 13720C or 1645 Kelvin. In accordance with a Fahrenheit scale it can be 25020F.

Lithium sulfide state at room temperature

Lithium sulfide is found to be a solid substance with white or yellow colour in room temperature. It exist as antifluorite structure with deliquescent nature.

Lithium sulfide ionic bond

Lithium sulfide is made up of ionic bond.It is created when a positive lithium ion Li+ and a negative sulfide ion S2-are electrostatically attracted to one another.

Lithium sulfide Ionic radius

The Ionic radius of Lithium sulfur Bond can be varied from 2.30 A0 to 2.51 A0 .

Lithium sulfide electron configuration

The maximum number of electrons a p orbital can hold is six. Let as discuss about the electronic configuration of Lithium sulfide.

The electronic configuration of Lithium is 1s2 2s1 and sulphur is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p4. In lithium there is only s orbitals are involved while in sulphur electrons are filled in both s and p orbitals.

Lithium sulfide oxidation State

The oxidation state of lithium in Lithium sulfide is + 1 and Sulphur is -2. It is so because each Lithium atom losts one of its electron to become Li+ ion. The sulphur accepts electrons from two Lithium atoms to become S2- ion.

Lithium sulfide acidity or alkaline

Lithium sulfide is found to be a neutral substance or a salt. It is regarded as a salt because it is formed by the reaction between a base like Lithium hydroxide and an acid called sulphuric acid.

Is Lithium sulfide odourless?

Lithium sulfide is an odourless solid substance.

Is Lithium sulfide paramagnetic?

When a magnetic field is removed, a paramagnetic substance loses its magnetism.Let us discuss whether lithium sulfide is paramagnetic or not.

Lithium sulfide is found to be a Diamagnetic substance. All the electrons in both Lithium and sulphur is paired. A Paramagnetic substance has unpaired electrons in it. Here there is no such condition. So lithium sulfide is diamagnetic.

Lithium sulfide hydrates

Lithium sulfide doesn’t form any hydrates with water. It get easily dissolved or miscible in water. So it will not form any hydrates.

Lithium sulfide crystal structure

The crystal structure of lithium sulfide is antifluorite cubic. It also resembles with orthorhombic structure.

Lithium sulfide polarity and conductivity

  • Lithium sulfide is found to be a polar substance. It is because there is two positively charged lithium ion and a negatively charged sulfide ion. These two constitute polar character into it.
  • Lithium sulfide is an ionic compound can be polar in nature due to the tetrahedral geometry of the molecule.
  • Lithium sulfide is also a good conductor.
  • One of its major application is in manufacturing of lithium sulphur batteries.
  • Lithium sulfide acts as an electrode over there which conduct electricity very easily. Hence Lithium sulfide is found to be a good conductor of electricity.

Lithium sulfide reaction with acid

Lithium sulfide usually get dissolved with acid. When Lithium sulfide react with hydrogen chloride it forms lithium chloride and hydrogen sulfide gas. While with nitric acid Lithium sulfide form Lithium nitrate and hydrogen sulfide gas.

Li2S + 2HCl → 2LiCl + H2S

Li2S + 2HNO3 → 2LiNO3 + H2S

Lithium sulfide reaction with base

When Lithium sulfide react with a base like sodium hydroxide it forms Lithium hydroxide and sodium sulfide.

Li2S + 2NaOH → Li(OH)2 + Na2S

Lithium sulfide reaction with oxide

Reaction of lithium sulfide with an oxide is not found. Because it is non reactive with oxides.

Lithium sulfide reaction with metal

When Lithium sulfide react with one of the metal like sodium it forms sodium sulfide and Lithium.

Li2S + 2Na→ 2Li+ Na2S


Lithium sulfide is an inorganic compound which is used in the manufacturing of lithium sulfur batteries. Therefore Lithium sulfide is a white or yellow colour is solid with an oxidation state of +1 and -2 for Lithium and sulphur respectively.