Is Verb A Pronoun: 3 Facts You Should Know

Verb and pronoun both of them have a special place in the parts of speech in English grammar to make sentence formation. Let us know about them below.

Verb acts and performing the action of the subject (Either it is noun or pronoun). And a pronoun indicates the reflection of a noun or a noun phrase to complete the meaning of assertive, imperative, optative and interrogative sentences.

Now let us discus some examples of verb -pronoun relation which given below.

ExampleIn which situation it is usedExplanation
 1. You’re a student of this high school.Assertive SentenceIn this sentence “You’re” is used to vivid the compactness of the pronoun and the verb.
2. Are you a student of this high school?Interrogative SentenceYes, I am. No, I’m not.
From the above example we can intend that there are two possible answers of the question “I am and I’m not “are be verb pronouns wherein both verb and pronoun act differently to complete the mode of the sentences.
Verb Pronoun Examples with Explanations

Now let us discuss about all the important facts which are related to clear the concept of the article.

How can a verb be pronoun?

A pronoun is a word which replaces a noun or a group of nouns those are already mentioned into the sentences. Now we would be going through how a verb can be a pronoun below.

A verb can not be a pronoun because verb is used to perform the action of the subject and also form a predicate part. A pronoun always takes a verb to entertain the functionality and credibility of the effectiveness of sentences. Therefore, a verb with a pronoun is interlinked and combined.

Let us discus them with a few examples with explanations in details.

ExampleIn which situation Explanation
1. Are you ready for the journey?Interrogative sentenceYes, I am. No, I’m not.
2. Have you need a book right now for your preparation?Interrogative SentenceNo, I’ve not. Yes, I have a book right now.
Verb Pronoun Examples

When a verb can be a pronoun?

There have reasons that dignify that a verb can be a pronoun. Let us check them with examples.

The verb is determined to be a pronoun when it is qualifying to ask a specific question about noun. Then it can be used with a pronoun in a sentence. A verb is needed to be placed before the subject to form a yes/no question(Either subject will be noun or pronoun) to get the information.


Does he know me who is standing in front of Rabilal?

Yes, he knows. No, he doesn’t.

Explanation– It is cleared us that he pronoun takes the lexical word or helping verb “Does” to ask a question to the subject of this sentence to get information from the subject.

Verb As Pronoun Examples

Here we will know some examples of verb -pronoun compactness. Let us take a look all of them below.

Be Verb is also used to ask question for the subject. We will get to know some examples below.

ExampleIn the situationExplanation
1. Are they getting information about their daily schedule?To interrogate a questionHere the compactness of the verb and pronoun are fixed. The subjective pronoun is “They” and the verb is “Are” are combined to enquire.
2. Is he satisfied with his earnings?To Interrogate an askingThe union of pronoun and verb in this sentence is “He” and “Is” that indicates that this verb must go with She/He/It/ any name of person, thing and place.
3. Am I not presenting the lecture?To interrogate a questionThe subjunctive pronoun “I” takes the be verb “Am” to make combo that helps to complete the essence and merit of the sentence.
Be Verb Pronoun Examples

Have verb also used to enquire question or to interrogate the subject to get information.

ExampleIn the situation Explanation
1. Have you any problem that creates panic?To ask a question in present tenseThe impact of the combination parts of speech verb pronoun agreement that creates an original collocation in the sentences.
2. Has she done his homework every day?To ask a question by using Have VerbHere “She” is a personal subjunctive pronoun that takes a verb “Has” with it to perform the orientation of the pronoun and verb into sentence.
Have Verb Pronoun Examples

Do verb is used to enquire the subject to get the answer specifically from the mentioned sentence.

ExampleIn the situation Explanation
1. Does he often make that mistake in Math?To ask a question by using “Do” verb.The subjunctive pronoun “He” combines with the verb “Does” that indicates the tense is in present form.
 2. Do they impact on the people’ mind?To ask a question by using “Do” verb.We use the pronoun “They” which is combined with the “Do” verb to form a question in the above sentence.
Do Verb Pronoun Examples

Verb as a pronoun

A rare word ” Mine” can be used both as a verb and a pronoun into sentences. But its meaning will change in both situations.

ExampleIn which situationExplanation
1. This book is mine which I have given you yesterday. (Pronoun)To Express OwnershipFrom the above mentioned sentence the word “Mine” is used as a possessive pronoun and it is indicating the belongingness of the thing to the owner.
2. The man mined the land for a hidden treasure. (Verb)To perform an action In this sentence “Mine” is used as a verb that conveys the different in meaning to give us the celerity of the verb to separate from the pronoun.
Verb Pronoun Examples


There are rare of usages of verb as a pronoun in English language and literature. If verb is a verb into sentences their usages and their meaning will also be different.