7 Facts On Such As A Pronoun (When,Uses & Examples)

The word “such” is considered a pronoun in certain situations. Let us explore it further.

“Such” as a pronoun replace nouns, behaviours, situations, etc. It avoids repetition in a sentence.

We will now make it clear through an example and the facts around the topic where “such” is used as a pronoun.

When is such a pronoun?

It is known that the word “such” is a pronoun.Let us find out the scenarios when “such” is a pronoun.

“Such” is considered to be a pronoun when it replaces a set of nouns or situations so that the redundancy can be avoided.

Let us imbibe the idea with the help of two examples.

ExamplesList of situations when the word “such” acts as a pronoun.Explanations.
That is an example if it can be considered suchTo describe a type of thing or a person.Here the word “such” is used as a pronoun instead of repeating ‘an example.
She was locked in a room. Such was her situation.To talk about a matter or a thing previously stated.Instead of repeating the previously mention fact ‘locked in a room, the word “such”as a pronoun is used
Examples of “Such” as a pronoun.

When is “such” a demonstrative pronoun?

Demonstrative pronouns are used to indicate or demonstrate something specific in a sentence. Let us look at when is ‘’such’’ a demonstrative pronoun.

The word “such” is used as a demonstrative pronoun when it demonstrates a noun or an already-stated explanation. Sometime after the specific noun or there context in a sentence it is explained.

Example : Radha could recite every verse in that Sanskrit book. Such was her knowledge in Sanskrit.

Explanation: Here the word such is used as demonstrative pronoun after a specific fact we want to demonstrate.

Examples of “such” as a demonstrative pronoun.

The word ‘such’ is used as a demonstrative pronoun. Let us explore it below.

Now we will look into the table below where examples of “such” as a demonstrative pronoun are mentioned.

Below are the examples of “such” as a demonstrative pronoun.

1.Such was Ram’s passion for cricket.Here “such” is a demonstrative pronoun since it demonstrates an already established statement.
2. If such is the price of a doll, we cannot buy it.Here “such” is used as a singular demonstrative pronoun because the word ‘price’ is singular
3.Such are the examples we have to set for our children.Here the word “such” is used as a plural demonstrative pronoun because the word ‘examples’ is plural.
4.Everything seems perfect.  Such is her expertise in project handling.Here the word “such” as a demonstrative pronoun replaces the word ‘everything’
5. Such a great human being.Here the word “such”is used as a demonstrative pronoun to demonstrate the greatness of a human being mentioned already in the context.
6.Such is his curiosity.Here “such’’ is used as a demonstrative pronoun to demonstrate her curiosity.
7.Such was the situation in the hospital,Here ‘such’ as a demonstrative pronoun demonstrate the situation in the hospital.
Examples of “such” as a demonstrative pronoun.

Is “such” an object pronoun?

We have seen the role of “such” as a prnoun.Let us find out if it is an object pronoun.

“Such” is not an object pronoun because it does not receive the action of the subject in a sentence. An object receives the action of a subject.

Is “such” an indefinite pronoun?

An indefinite pronoun does not specify the word it replaces. Let us find out if “such” is an indefinite pronoun.

“Such”is considered to be an indefinite pronoun.As an indefinite pronoun,it is not needed to specifically refer the word it replaces. Rather it identifies vaguely the word it replaces.

Example – If such is the situation, you have to act immediately.

Explanation: Here “such” is used as an indefinite pronoun. It does not specify the situation it is referring to.

When is “such” not considered a pronoun?

There are situations when the word “such” is not considered a pronoun. Let us find out about those situations.

The word”such” is not considered a pronoun when we use it as an adjective or as an adverb.

Let us see some relevant examples where “such” is not considered a pronoun .

ExamplesSituations when “such” is not considered a pronoun.Explanations
A pen such as the one my friend bought.When “such” acts as an adjective.Here the word “such” is used as an adjective since it describes the noun, the pen. It talks about the kind of pen.
He speaks  with such an amazing clarityWhen “such” acts as an adverbThe word “such” as an adverb describes the verb. Here it describes the verb ‘speaks.
Examples of sentences where “such” is not considered a pronoun

Conclusion. It is certain that the word “such” can function as a pronoun.Thus the role of the word “such” is conspicuous in making a conversation more clearer

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