Is sliding friction static : 3 Facts You Should Know!

Sliding friction is a phenomenon in which two objects slide against each other in order to create resistance. Let us focus on whether sliding friction is static or not.

Sliding friction is not static because in sliding friction the two objects are in motion and they are sliding against each other whereas static signifies the state of objects in which there is no movement of the respective objects and they remain in the stationary state or at rest. Thus these two are different.

Sliding friction is less than the static friction as static friction is considered to have the maximum friction. Let us discuss important facts related to whether sliding friction is static or not.

Is sliding friction constant?

Sliding friction is also known as kinetic friction as it involves the sliding of one surface against another surface. Let us know if the sliding friction is constant or not.

Sliding friction depends upon two factors. First one is the material and the second one is the weight of the object.

  • Sliding friction remains constant even if the surface area which is in contact with the other surface changes. If the material remains the same then sliding friction will also remain constant as the coefficient of friction remains the same.
  • Sliding friction remains constant if the weight of the object remain constant. If size of the objects, the original speed of them and the pressure on the objects remain constant then the sliding friction will also remain constant.

Sliding friction and static friction relation

Sliding friction and static friction are related to the motion of the objects and the stationary state of the objects respectively. Let us know the relation between sliding and static friction.

Static friction is the force that acts when the object is at rest. The maximum value of static friction is known as limiting friction which is the required force by an object to initiate its motion. When applied force is increased the limiting friction turns into sliding friction making the object capable to move.

Friction 1
Friction image by Keta,Pieter Kuiper (CC BY 2.5)

Does static friction prevent sliding?

Static friction and sliding friction are just opposite to each other. Let us have a look at whether static friction prevents sliding or not.

Static friction prevents a body from sliding. Static friction holds a body on an inclined plane and it resists gravitational force from pulling that body down the inclined plane. It acts in the opposite direction of the direction in which the body is sliding down the plane and makes the velocity of the body zero.


This article concludes that sliding friction is constant when the material and the weight of the objects remain constant. Static friction, limiting friction and sliding friction are interrelated to one another. Sliding friction prevents objects from sliding.

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