Is Nuclear Fusion Renewable: 5 Factors You Should Know !

Nuclear fusion is a reaction in which two comparatively lighter nuclei fused into each other to produce a heavier nucleus. Let us know whether nuclear fusion is renewable or not.

Nuclear fusion is renewable in nature as it generates abundant energy which in turn powers further nuclear fusion reactions. In this way nuclear fusion becomes a chain reaction and limitless energy is produced from it. The naturally occurred hydrogen isotopes deuterium and tritium are used in this process.

Tritium is produced using lithium whereas deuterium is obtained from seawater. Nuclear fusion fills the sea making the supply of deuterium infinite. As the sources of nuclear fusion are abundant, it can occur abundantly producing renewable energy. Here, we will discuss important facts about is nuclear fusion renewable.

Is nuclear fusion eco-friendly?

In the nuclear fusion hydrogen atoms are fused to produce helium atoms and energy is released in the form of heat. Let us focus on whether nuclear fusion is eco-friendly or not.

Nuclear fusion is eco-friendly as it does not emit carbon dioxide and any other greenhouse gases. Thus it has no contribution to global warming. The sustainable nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms is used to produce a safe and inexhaustible energy source. The by-product helium of this reaction is non toxic in nature.

Nuclear fusion is more sustainable and eco-friendly than solar energy as it emits 4 times less carbon dioxide than solar energy. It emits 70 times less carbon dioxide than coal.

Can fusion replace fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels(coal,petroleum) are non renewable energy sources and are available in a limited quantity on the earth. Let us have a look if nuclear fusion can replace fossil fuels.

Fusion is capable enough to replace the use of fossil fuels completely as it does not emit any toxic greenhouse gases. Besides it is a cumulative process which produces a limitless amount of energy which is able to meet the demand of fossil fuel.

As the source of deuterium the seawater will never be ended,the production of energy from the nuclear fusion will also not be ended. This is the most reliable source of energy for the future at the lowest cost.

Why does nuclear fusion release energy?

Nuclear fusion reactions will be the most reliable source of renewable energy in the near future. Let us go through the reason behind the nuclear fusion releasing energy.

Nuclear fusion reactions release energy in the form of heat because in this reaction the mass of the produced heavier nucleus is less than the combined mass of the two reactants lighter nuclei and the excess mass is converted into the energy according to the mass energy equivalence principle of Einstein [E=mc2].

Nuclear fusion releases more energy than nuclear fission.

What energy does nuclear fusion release?

Deuterium-deuterium nuclear fusion and deuterium-tritium nuclear fusion are two common types of nuclear fusion reaction. Let us focus on the energy released by the nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion reactions release heat energy. Approximately 17.6 MeV or 2.8 x 10-12 joule energy is released in every deuterium-tritium fusion reaction which is higher than the nuclear fission reaction of uranium 235 that emits 200 MeV.

The energy released from deuterium-tritium fusion is higher than the deuterium-deuterium fusion which releases 3 to 4 MeV energy.

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Nuclear Fusion image by User:Rursus (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Is nuclear fusion clean energy?

Nuclear fusion reaction is a chain reaction in which faster neutrons are liberated along with a huge quantity of energy. Let us know whether nuclear fusion is clean energy or not.

The nuclear fusion generated energy is clean energy as no toxic by-products are released in this reaction as compared to the combustion of fossil fuels which releases toxic gases. The heat released by the fusion of hydrogen atoms is used to produce steam that rotates turbines to generate electricity.

The sustainable use of nuclear fusion generated energy in the future can stall global warming which in turn can decrease the undesirable effects of climate change.


In this article 7 important facts related to is nuclear fusion renewable have been discussed briefly along with some facts like nuclear fusion releases clean energy as this energy does not cause any damage to the climate,the released energy is sustainable in nature which can omit the use of fossil fuels in the near future.

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