Is Gold Malleable? Need to Know Facts !

Gold is the element with the greatest atomic number among the naturally occurring chemical elements. Let’s look into detail about the characteristics of gold in this post.

Gold is the most malleable metal because it has the tensile strength 120MPa compared to other elements of the same group. Gold is the least reactive elements in group 11 and exhibits properties of solid under standard conditions. In its purest form gold has lowest tensile strength than in alloy form.

Gold can be shaped into any required form since it is the most malleable metal. In this article we shall further discuss several facts on whether rose gold is malleable or not, is 14k gold malleable, is 18k gold malleable, is 24k gold malleable and is white gold malleable.

Is rose gold malleable?

Malleability is the strength of a metal to be drawn into sheets. Let us find out whether rose gold is malleable or not.

Rose gold is not malleable because it is an alloy of pure gold combined with silver and copper alloys. These alloys raise the tensile strength of gold making it malleable. Other alloys of gold are malleable to some extent under certain conditions but rose gold cannot be bent out of shape.

Is 14k gold malleable?

Gold is the densest of all metals, a good conductor of heat and electricity. Let us find out whether or not 14k gold is malleable.

The 14k gold is partially malleable because it an alloy of 58% pure gold combined with 42% of other metals like silver, zinc copper and nickel in their appropriate proportions. Due to this reason 14k gold wears of at a slow pace and highly resistance to bending, scratching and so on.

Image Credit: Gold by James St. John (CC BY 2.0)

Is 18k gold malleable?

Gold is a less reactive metal; it will not easily react with sulphur or oxygen but readily with the halogens . Let us examine whether or not 18k gold is malleable.

The 18k gold is a more malleable metal because the alloy ratio in 18k gold is lower than that in 14k gold and there is more pure gold present, it. Since 18k gold contains more pure gold than 14k gold, the latter is more malleable. 18k gold is thought to be a strong gold alloy and durable.

Is 24k gold malleable?

Gold is the most malleable and ductile metal so it is alloyed in order to give strength to the metal. Let us now see whether or not 24k gold is malleable.

The 24k gold metal is a highly malleable metal because of its purity. 24k gold metal contains 99.9% of gold presence in it and is also known as ‘fine gold’. Due to the highest purity of the metal 24k gold very much malleable where 1g of gold can be drawn into 300 fine gold sheets.

Is white gold malleable?

White gold is an alloy of gold which was first created to bring forth a metal similar to platinum. Let’s consider whether white gold is malleable to find out.

White gold is extremely malleable because in contrast to platinum, white gold is easier to work with in order to intricate designs. White gold is an alloy of 75% of pure gold combined with 25% of nickel and zinc. Despite not being a pure gold and an alloy of gold, it exhibits good range of malleability.


Gold is a transition metal, very soft that in its purest form can be drawn into several thin gold sheets. Alloys of gold are regarded to be harder and takes a long period of time to wear off when bent or scratched. However 24k gold is the purest form of gold and is highly malleable.

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