Is Cobalt Magnetic? 9 Facts You Should Know!

Cobalt is used in paints, as an electrode in batteries, to make ceramics and glass wares, and even in tablets. This article talks about the magnetic property of cobalt.

Cobalt is magnetic because it has unpaired electrons that retain magnetic properties. The electronic configuration of cobalt is [Ar] 4s2 3d7, with three unpaired electrons in the 3d shell. The presence of three unpaired electrons makes it ferromagnetic.

Cobalt magnets are used in satellite communication, spectrometers, and cryogenic utilities to improve engine performance. We shall discuss the magnetic moment, permeability, susceptibility, and properties of cobalt ahead in this topic and magnetic behavior of different alloys of cobalt, and various facts.

Cobalt Magnetic Moment

The magnetic moment is the magnitude of torque experienced on the unpaired electrons due to the magnetic field. Let us elaborate on the magnetic moment of cobalt.

The magnetic moment of cobalt is 2.49 mB. It is determined by the number of free electrons in the valence orbital. The magnetic dipole moment of cobalt is persistent and in the direction of the magnetic field.

Cobalt Magnetic Properties

There are several properties of cobalt that makes it magnetic. Let us list some of the magnetic properties of the cobalt here below.

  • The magnetization of Cobalt is positive and high.
  • The magnetic flux through Cobalt is high.
  • The magnetic dipoles of Cobalt retain their orientation even in the absence of a field.
  • Thermal variation in Cobalt aligns the magnetic dipole and overcomes the dipole interactions.
  • The Curie temperature of Cobalt is 11150 C.

Cobalt Magnetic Permeability

The magnetic permeability of the cobalt is its capacity to allow the magnetic flux to pass through it. Let us ponder on the magnetic permeability of cobalt.

The magnetic permeability of cobalt is 2.3×10−2 which is 30% less than that of iron. The magnetic permeability of cobalt is the ratio of the magnetic intensity of cobalt and the external magnetic field. It is calculated using a formula: m = B/H; here, B is magnetic intensity, and H is a magnetizing field.

Cobalt Magnetic Susceptibility

The magnetic susceptibility of cobalt tells about its degree of getting magnetized on supplying an external magnetic field. Let us discuss the magnetic susceptibility of cobalt.

The magnetic susceptibility of cobalt is a (7.0±1.9)×10−9 m3 kg−1. It is a dimensionless quantity measured as the ratio of magnetization and the strength of the applied magnetic field. The high magnetic susceptibility of cobalt is due to the magnetic moment aligned in the same direction.

Is cobalt chrome magnetic?

Cobalt chrome is an alloy used for dental and orthopedic implants. Let us discuss whether cobalt chrome is magnetic or not.

Cobalt chrome is magnetic because it majorly composes of cobalt which gives it ferromagnetic characteristics. Chromium is an anti-ferromagnetic metal as it has a stable valence configuration with five unpaired electrons in 3d orbital and one unpaired electron in 4s orbital.

Is cobalt oxide magnetic?

A green to gray-colored cobalt oxide is used in ceramics. Let us talk about whether cobalt oxide is magnetic or not.

Cobalt oxide is not magnetic because it shows anti-ferromagnetism characteristics, and the magnetic dipole moment is zero. The free unpaired electrons of cobalt are given away to make a bond with oxygen during oxidation reaction; thus, no free electrons are available.

Is cobalt more magnetic than nickel?

The magnetic behavior of any metal depends upon the availability of unpaired electrons. Let us see whether cobalt is more magnetic than nickel or not.

Cobalt is more magnetic than nickel because cobalt has three unpaired electrons, while nickel has two unpaired electrons. Thus, the magnetic field generated by cobalt is more intense than a nickel. The electronic configuration of nickel is [Ar] 4s2 3d8.

Is cobalt a hard or soft magnetic material?

The softness of the metal depends upon its mass density/ distribution across the length. Let us discuss whether cobalt is a hard or soft magnetic material.

Cobalt is a soft magnetic material because the magnetic cobalt develops an fcc or hcp crystal structure with a large void. Pure cobalt consists of unique diameter molecules. The presence of a void decreases the mass density of the matter per unit volume.


We can conclude from this article that cobalt is ferromagnetic due to the presence of three unpaired electrons. The magnetic characteristic of cobalt decreases if it forms a bond with some other atoms. Due to its magnetic property, it is widely used for different applications. It is a soft, malleable metal.

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