Is And A Conjunction? 3 Facts(When, Why & Examples)

There are some words in English grammar that are used as linking or connective words. ‘And’ is a word that we can use as a connector. Let us check the function of the word ‘and’ as a conjunction.

We can use the word ‘and’ certainly as conjunction. It can be used to join two or more words, phrases, clauses, and sentences. The thoughts, actions, and ideas can also be connected in writing and speech.

Look at the examples in the table below.

1. Jack bought a bat and Harrie bought a ball.In this sentence, the word ‘and’ connects two principal clauses and frames a compound sentence.
2. Michael and his brother are reading in a vernacular school.In this sentence, the word ‘and’ is used as a conjunction. It has been used here to join two words i.e. ‘Michael’ and ‘his brother’.
Examples of ‘and’ as a conjunction

Let us see more facts related to it.

When is ‘and’ a conjunction?

The word‘ and’ is a conjunction. Here we will explain when it is considered a conjunction.

While writing or speaking we can use the word ‘and’ as a conjunction when the following situations lie before us.

 Now, look at the situations in the table below.

1. We use ‘and’ to connect two words, and phrases.Everyone at the party was singing and enjoying it very much.In this sentence, the word ‘and’ joins two words ‘singing’ and ‘enjoying’
2. We can use ‘and’ when we want to show one thing happens after another.Rafik took dinner and went to bed.In this example, the word connects two main clauses and shows one thing happens one after another incident
3. The word ‘and’ helps us to know one action causes another action.My friend came to my house and he was amazed to see the new painting on the wall.In this example, it is found that one action is the cause of another action.
4.’And’ is used between two fractions.Dhiriti bought a pound and a half pound of fish.Here the word ‘and’ shows that it is used to join two fractions.
5. We use ‘and’ in the calculation when numbers are added together.We know that two and two make four.In this example, the word ‘and’ acts to connect two numbers.
When ‘and’ is used as conjunction

Why is ‘and’ a coordinating conjunction?

The conjunction ‘and’ belongs to the category of FANBOYS. Now let us check why it is a coordinating conjunction.

The word ‘and’ is a coordinating conjunction as it joins two words, phrases, and clauses of the same category.

Example-Tania visited the zoo and she became glad.

Explanation- In this example, two independent clauses are connected with the word ‘and’ and frame a compound sentence.

Examples of ‘and’ as coordinating conjunctions:

The following are the sentences where the word ‘and’ acts as coordinating conjunctions.

1. They arrived at the spot and started to find out a hotel to stay there.Here we find that the word ‘and joins two independent clauses ‘They arrived at the spot’ and ‘started to find out a hotel to stay there’.
2. Jack dislikes Ricky a lot, and he never talks to him.This is the sentence where the word ‘and’ acts as a coordinate clause because it joins the two clauses of the same category.
3. There are two cats and three dogs in our house.Here the word ‘and’ connects two words of the same kind and works as a coordinating conjunction.
4. Santanu took lunch and went to the office.In this sentence, the word ‘and’ joins two main clauses and forms a compound sentence.
5. Last week we went to Digha and we enjoyed the sea beach very much.Here, the word ‘and’ connects two main clauses and frames a compound sentence.
Examples of ‘and’ as coordinating conjunctions


The article deals with a detailed discussion on the word ‘and’ as a conjunction. It will certainly enable us to use it in the correct way while constructing any sentence.

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