15 Iron Sulfide Uses: Facts You Should Know!

Iron sulfide, also called ferrous sulfide, has a molecular weight of 87.91 g/mol. Let us learn about its use in this article.

With the common molecular formula FeS, iron sulfide can be made by heating iron and sulfide together. Iron sulfide has many uses in research and industries, and its uses are given below:

  • Pigment
  • Bio industry
  • Decontamination
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Batteries
  • Organic synthesis


  • Iron sulfide is used as a black pigment in paints and hair dyes.
  • Iron sulfide is used as a pigment in the production and designs of glass bottles, containers, and ceramics.

Bio industry

  • Nano-sized iron sulfides have applications in the bio industry owing to their enzyme-like activity.
  • Nano-sized Iron sulfide can be used in biosensors.
  • Nano-sized Iron sulfide can be used as catalysts and antibacterial agents.


  • Iron sulfide is used in treating wastewater to remove contaminants.
  • Iron sulfide particles are used in treating contaminants in soil and groundwater.
  • Iron sulfide is especially effective in removing arsenic from groundwater.
  • Iron sulfide is used to treat exhaust gases to remove heavy metal contamination.


  • Iron sulfide is used in steel production as a resulfurizing agent. It behaves as an alloying agent.


  • Iron sulfide is used in gas sensing
  • Iron sulfide has applications as a superconductor.
  • Iron sulfide is used in solar cells.


  • Iron sulfide is used as a cathode in lithium batteries.
  • Iron sulfide is used in batteries for stationary energy storage.

Organic synthesis

  • Iron sulfide is used in the production of H2S by reacting it with dilute mineral acids.
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Iron sulfide is a water-insoluble compound with a black appearance. FeS adopts a tetragonal layered structure. In this article, we gained some knowledge on Iron sulfide and particularly its uses.