How Does A Microwave Vent Work: The Science Behind It

A vent is used to extract toxin and smoke and sway them away outside the home. A microwave vent cleans the fumes from oven. Let us study the working of microwave vent.

Microwave vent fitted with a fan that air through the vent. The blown air carries smoke, steam odor and heat generated during the cooking and vent outside through the exhaust duct leading to exterior of the building. The microwave vent also prevents condensation of steam inside the oven.

The vent hood in microwave oven is installed with three inch gap between top, side and rare of the place where the cook top is placed. This provides proper ventilation for the oven. In this post, we will discus some important features and working of microwave vent.

How do self venting microwaves work?

The microwave vent helps to extend the lifespan of the oven by maintaining the right temperature. Let us know the working of self venting microwave.

The working of self venting microwave depends on the temperature. When air molecules are blocked inside the oven, the temperature increases rapidly, this alarm the vent hood. Oven is adjusted with a heat and moisture sensor that recognizes the change in required temperature leading to self venting in microwave.

The self venting prevents the over cooking of the food product by turning on automatically whenever the temperature require to cook the food exceeds and thus prevent the failure of oven.  

1200px Microwave oven
Image: microwave with venting system by Mk2010, (CC BY-SA 3.0)

How does a microwave recirculating vent work?

Recirculating vent allows the exhausted air to return back by filtering. Now, let us focus on working of reculating vent microwave.

Recirculating vent is fitted with a high speed fan that draws air and allows to enter the filter chamber consisting of charcoal or grease. The filter captures odor, smoke and heat and makes the filtered air to re-enter. It opposes the air to vent outside as it is ductless and the whole action take place internally.

The reciculating vent in microwave is fixed at the top because for easy filtering and recirculation. Proper maintenance is needed for recirculating vent because airborne smoke is sticking to grease filter. Since smoke is not vented outside, recirculating vent microwave is entirely safe to use in terms of environment.

How does a microwave vent fan work?

The microwave vent fan is fitted in both ducted and ductless vent system. Let us concentrate on the working culture of vent fan.

The fan is temperature sensitive so it turned on automatically with change in temperature. It sucks and draws the moisture, smoke, toxins and excess heat from oven and leads them to vent outside. The vent fan blows cool air over the hot magnetron when the heat exceeded; thus, maintains the temperature inside the oven.

The vent fan also protects the food from over cooking. The small variation in the moisture can cause over or under cooking, the vent fan can protect the food from over cooking by preventing condensation of smoke produced during the cooking process. 


Microwave vent is useful tool to keep the kitchen and oven clean and safe. Many toxic odor and fumes are removed by the venting system. It is not much safe to use the venting more than two hours while cooking because there is a chance that some required cooking fumes may vent out from the food.

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