Discover The 15 Incredible Facts On HNO3 + Ag2SO4 Reaction

Silver sulphate (Ag2SO4) is an inorganic silver salt, while Nitric acid (HNO3) is an inorganic mineral oxoacid of nitrogen .Let us know more about their reaction mechanism.

Ag2SO4 is a white inorganic solid with low solubility in water. It is a neutral salt with weak oxidizing powers. Fresh HNO3 is colorless and a powerful oxidizing agent. It is a common reagent in laboratories and used in manufacturing fertilizers.

In this section, let us focus on HNO3 + Ag2SO4 reaction facts like the products formed, intermolecular forces involved, type of reaction, reaction enthalpy etc.

What is the product of HNO3 and Ag2SO4?

Silver nitrate (AgNO3) and sulphuric acid (H2SO4) are formed when Ag2SO4 reacts with concentrated HNO

2HNO3 + Ag2SO—-> 2AgNO3 + H2SO4

What type of reaction is HNO3 + Ag2SO4?

HNO3 + Ag2SO4 is a type of double decomposition reaction and acid formation reaction, as the cations and anions of the reactants exchange places to form silver nitrate salt and sulphuric acid.

How to balance HNO3 + Ag2SO4?

The general chemical reaction of HNO3 + Ag2SO4 can be represented as

Ag2SO4 + HNO3 = AgNO3 + H2SO4

Given below are the steps to balance the above equation –

  • Determine the numbers of each element involved in the reaction, in both the reactant and product side.
Elements Reactant sideProduct side
Count of the elements in the reaction
  • We find that the number of moles of hydrogen, nitrogen and silver atoms in the reactant and product side are unequal.
  • Add 2 moles of HNO3 in the reactant side and 2 moles of AgNO3 in the product side to balance the number of H, N and Ag atoms.
  • Thus, the overall balanced chemical reaction is as follows –
  • Ag2SO4 + 2HNO3 —-> 2AgNO3 + H2SO4

HNO3 + Ag2SO4  titration

We cannot titrate HNO+ Ag2SO4  as Ag2SO4 is insoluble in aqueous solution. However, by using the solubility product (Ksp) constant of Ag2SO4 and knowing the concentration at which the sulphate ions would precipitate out of the solution, we can determine the concentration of Ag2+ ions.

HNO3 + Ag2SO4  net ionic equation

The net ionic equation between HNO3 + Ag2SO4 is represented as –

Ag2SO4 (s) = 2Ag+(aq) + SO42-(aq)

 The following steps are the steps to arrive at the net ionic equation:

  • Write the balanced undissociated chemical equation and the physical states (s, l, aq, g) of each mole involved in the reaction.
  • 2HNO3 (aq) + Ag2SO4 (s) = 2AgNO3 (aq) + H2SO4 (aq)
  • Aqueous forms of strong acids, bases, and salts dissociate into ions, whereas solid, liquid and gaseous substances do not dissociate.
  • Now, represent the complete ionic equation of HNO3 + Ag2SO4 as –
  • Ag2SO4 (s) + 2H+ (aq) + 2NO3 (aq) = 2Ag+(aq) + 2NO3(aq) + 2H+(aq) + SO42-(aq)
  • Remove the spectator ions (H + and NO3), which appear on both sides of the equation from the complete ionic equation, to get the net ionic equation as –
  • Ag2SO4 (s) 2Ag+(aq) + SO42-(aq)

HNO3+ Ag2SO4 conjugate pairs

The conjugate pairs of HNO3 and Ag2SO4 are as follows

  • The conjugate base of the acid HNO3 is NO3.
  • Conjugate pair of SO42- = HSO4
  • Conjugate pair of HSO4 = H2SO4

HNO3 + Ag2SO4 intermolecular forces

The intermolecular forces present in HNO3 and Ag2SO4 are given below

HNO3 + Ag2SO4 reaction enthalpy

HNO3 + Ag2SO4 reaction enthalpy is 114.36 KJ/mol. The change in enthalpy is positive. The enthalpy values are listed below:

Reactants and ProductsEnthalpy in KJ/mol
Enthalpy values
  • ∆Hf°(reaction) = ∆Hf°(products) – ∆Hf°(reactants)

= -1017.56– (-1131.92)

= 114.36 KJ/mol

Is HNO3 + Ag2SO4 a buffer solution?

The combination of HNO3 + Ag2SO4 will not function as a buffer solution due to the presence of a strong acid (HNO3).

Is HNO3 + Ag2SO4 a complete reaction?

HNO3 + Ag2SO4 is a complete reaction, as two major products are formed – a strong electrolyte and a strong acid.

Is HNO3 + Ag2SO4 an endothermic reaction?

The reaction HNO3 + Ag2SO4 is endothermic in nature in terms of thermodynamics first law. Also, the reaction enthalpy is positive as it absorbs heat from surroundings.

Is HNO3 + Ag2SO4 a redox reaction?

The reaction between HNO3 and Ag2SO4 is not a redox reaction, as there is no change in the oxidation state of any element involved in the reaction.

Is HNO3 + Ag2SO4 a precipitation reaction?

The reaction HNO3 and Ag2SO4 is not a precipitation reaction as both the products formed (H2SO4 and AgNO3) are highly water soluble.

Is HNO3 + Ag2SO4 an irreversible reaction?

HNO3Ag2SO4 is an irreversible reaction because of the shift in the equilibrium of the reaction in the forward direction due to the formation of a strong acid.

Is HNO3 + Ag2SO4 a displacement reaction?

The reaction between HNO3 + Ag2SO4 is an example of a double displacement reaction, as in the reaction H+ is displaced by Ag from HNOand Ag+ is displaced from Ag2SO4 by H+.                           

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Double Decomposition Reaction


HNO3 + Ag2SO4 is an example of an acid formation (H2SO4) with a positive entropy. AgNO3 formed in this reaction has antiseptic properties, while H2SO4 formed is a corrosive acid used in petroleum refining and ore processing.