15 Facts on HBr + LiOH: What, How To Balance & FAQs

LiOH is an inorganic compound with having anhydrous and hydrated form. Let us read how HBr and LiOH react with each other.

Lithium hydroxide (LiOH) and Hydrogen bromide (HBr) react to form salt and release water. LiOH is a strong acid but the weakest metal hydroxide known. Hydrogen bromide (HBr) belongs to the category of strong acids. Both are strong electrolytes and dissociate into ions easily.

We will discuss key facts about the HBr+LiOH reaction, like the type of reaction, conjugate pairs, ionic equations and products in this article.

What is the product of HBr and LiOH

Lithium bromide (LiBr) and water (H2O) are the products of the LiOH and HBr reaction. The chemical equation for the reaction is,

HBr + LiOH = LiBr + H2O

What type of reaction is HBr + LiOH

HBr + LiOH reaction is an acid-base reaction in which HBr and LiOH neutralize each other to form products.

How to balance HBr + LiOH

The balanced chemical equation for HBr + LiOH reaction is,

HBr + LiOH = LiBr + H2O

The steps mentioned below are used to derive a balanced chemical equation:

  • The general unbalanced chemical equation is,
  • HBr + LiOH = LiBr + H2O
  • To check if the number of moles of atoms available on both sides of the equation is equal or not.
  • In this case, the number of atoms is equal means they are already balanced.
  • Thus, the balanced chemical equation is,
  • HBr + LiOH = LiBr + H2O

HBr + LiOH titration

The titration of HBr and LiOH is categorised as acid-base titration. HBr is a strong acid and LiOH is a strong acid.


Burette, conical flask, burette stand, beaker, funnel, pipette.

Indicator Used:

Phenolphthalein is used as an indicator here.


  • Wash, rinse and fill the burette with a standardised solution of LiOH and fit it in a burette stand.
  • Pipette out 10mL of HBr in a conical flask and add 2-3 drops of phenolphthalein indicator in it.
  • Start adding LiOH solution in the conical flask in a dropwise manner with constant swirling.
  • Colour of the HBr + LiOH solution in the conical flask will change to light pink on reaching the endpoint.
  • Repeat these steps to get concurrent readings.
  • The concentration of HBr is calculated using the formula SHBrVHBr = SLiOHVLiOH.

HBr + LiOH net ionic equation

HBr + LiOH net ionic equation is,

H+ (aq.) + Br (aq.) + Li+ (aq.) + OH (aq.) = Li+ (aq.) + Br (aq.) + H2O (l)

The following steps must be used to obtain the net ionic equation:

  • Write the balanced chemical equation for the HBr + LiOH reaction.
  • HBr + LiOH = LiBr + H2O
  • Designate each molecule with its chemical state (s, l, g, aq).
  • HBr (aq.) + LiOH (aq.) = H2O (l) + LiBr (aq.)
  • Split the molecules which are strong enough to break into their respective ions to obtain the complete ionic equation.
  • H+ (aq.) + Br (aq.) + Li+ (aq.) + OH (aq.) = Li+ (aq.) + Br (aq.) + H2O (l)
  • Cancel the ions that are present on both sides of the equation.
  • H+ (aq.) + OH (aq.) = H2O (l)

HBr + LiOH conjugate pairs

HBr and LiOH have a conjugate pair of H+ and OH.

HBr and LiOH intermolecular forces

  • Dipole-dipole forces are present in HBr molecules.
  • LiOH contains ionic-dipole forces between its molecules.

HBr + LiOH reaction enthalpy

HBr + LiOH reaction enthalpy is -113.34 kJ/mol. The standard enthalpy of formation for each molecule involved is:

MoleculesReaction enthalpy (in kJ/mol)
Reaction enthalpy of Molecules

Reaction Enthalpy ΔHf = Standard enthalpy of products – Standard enthalpy of reactants

Thus, ΔHf = (-351.2 – 285.83) – (-487.46 – 36.23)

ΔHf = -113.34 kJ/mol.

Is HBr + LiOH a buffer solution

HBr + LiOH is not a buffer solution because the HBr present here is a strong acid and there must be a weak acid present for a buffer solution.

Is HBr + LiOH a complete reaction

HBr + LiOH reaction is a complete reaction and no further is left.

Is HBr + LiOH an exothermic or endothermic reaction

HBr + LiOH reaction is an exothermic reaction because the enthalpy of reaction has a negative value for this equation.

Screenshot 20221129 110938 2
Exothermic reaction graph

Is HBr + LiOH a redox reaction

HBr + LiOH is not a redox reaction as the oxidation states of atoms is unchanged.

Is HBr + LiOH a precipitation reaction

HBr + LiOH reaction is not a precipitation reaction because no solid product is obtained at the end of the reaction.

Is HBr + LiOH reversible or irreversible reaction

HBr + LiOH reaction is an irreversible reaction.

Is HBr + LiOH displacement reaction

HBr + LiOH is a double displacement reaction in which H and Li atoms displace each other to produce new products.


This article concludes that both HBr and LiOH belong to the category of strong acids and bases. HBr is an important chemical from an industrial point of view to prepare bromides. LiOH being the strongest base, is counted as one of the weakest metal hydroxides.