Hammer Drill Uses: The Science Behind It

A hammer drill is a powerful tool that works on the motor and the electric supply or batteries. In this article, we shall discuss various uses of hammer drills.

Here is a list of uses of hammer drill:-

  • Pilot hole drilling
  • Mount TV
  • Furniture Drilling
  • Fix wall drawers and cabinets
  • Metal drilling
  • Make a study table
  • Wiring in house
  • Drill a hole in mud bricks
  • Plumbing
  • Concrete Drilling
  • Fix Painting on Wall
  • Ceramic drilling
  • Stone drilling and carving
  • Wooden flooring
  • Furniture
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Mount Ceiling Fan
  • Wall Demolition

The hammer drills are very useful to get rid of the destruction and the cleavage caused due to major impact while hammering. It is applicable to drill hard as well as soft surfaces as the power of the motor can be regulated. Let us discuss some of the examples of hammer drills uses briefly in this article ahead.

Pilot hole drilling

The use of hammer drills makes it easy to drill a hole to fix the screw on the concrete wall without affecting the concrete structure and digging out any extra concrete from the wall as usually seen while using the normal hammer.

Mount TV

A hammer drill is used to fix the TV mount on the wall. The length of the hole as needed can be adjusted by using the applicable screw with the required length to be drilled into the wall.

Furniture Drilling

A hammer driller is used in furniture drilling to screw and tighten the wooden parts together. It can easily drill wood and press wood by changing the motor speed by switching the knob on the hammer drill machine.

Fix wall drawers and cabinets

The hammer driller is used to drill the hole in the wall or plank to connect the drawers and cabinets to the wall. The hammer driller makes the work of planting the wall drawer perfect with the excellence of drilling.

Metal drilling

The hammer drillers are used for metal drilling as well. There are fine needles for metal drilling that can drill into the metal easily and make the line defects in its material.

Make a study table

The hammer driller is used to make holes to fix the hinge and clamps on the study tables. The screw and nuts are then connected to the table to make a sturdy model.

Wiring in house

The hammer drills are often used by electricians while wiring in the house. The hammer driller is used to make holes through the wall to pass the electric wire cable to make the connection.

Drill a hole in mud bricks

The mud bricks are more delicate than the laterite stone used for house walls and construction. The hammer driller is used to drill through the mud bricks by lowering the power of the motor as required.


The plumber uses a hammer drill to do the plumbing connection and fit the pipes. The hammer drill can be used for plumbing fixtures and installing tools in the washrooms, kitchens, and pipelines.

Concrete Drilling

Concrete has good hardness and tensile strength and a hammer driller is used to make the hole through the concrete for any requirements. Hammer drillers make it easy to drill through the concrete to make a hole of any diameter.

Fix Painting on Wall

The hammer drill is used to fix the painting on the wall by piloting a hole. The walls are made up of concrete, mudstones, laterite, limestone, or wood having different hardness and strength and the hammer drill can be adjusted to any.

Ceramic drilling

The ceramic products are delicate and broke easily when pressure is exerted on the ceramics. Thus, it is obvious that while drilling, the ceramics may break directly due to vibrations. Hammer drills can drill through the ceramics easily.

Stone drilling and carving

A hammer drill is used to drill through the stone and is also used for stone carving. The hammer driller has made the stone carving easy and productive.

metal drilling
Image Credit: Metal drilling by SuperBlobMonster (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Wooden flooring

The hammer drill is used to fix the wooden planks on the floor for wooden flooring. The holes are drilled through the wooden plank and the concrete and fixed by the screw.


A hammer drill is used to make furniture for drilling and connecting the parts. The use of a hammer drill protects the wood from rupture or breaking while hammering.

Ceiling Lights

The hammer drill can be used to drill the hole through the ceiling to run the wires to install the ceiling lights.

Mount Ceiling Fan

The hammer drill is used to drill through the wall to fix the ceiling fan and pass the electric wires to connect the ceiling fan to the power supply.

Wall Demolition

The hammer drillers are used for the demolition of the wall by drilling the bottom surface of the wall by inserting the hole through the wall.


We can conclude from this article that the hammer drill is used for drilling concrete, stones, walls, wood, metals, etc. by adjusting the power supply to the motor that increases or decreases the motor speed. The hammer drill produces vibrational energy while drilling.

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