15 Facts on H2SO4 + Ag2O: What, How to Balance & FAQs

Rearranging molecules or ions of substance, into distinct form is called chemical reaction. Let us see, how chemical reaction takes place in case of H2SO4 + Ag2O.

Silver (1) oxide is dark brown powder used for preparation of silver compounds. It is used in silver oxide batteries and also acts as an oxidizing agent. H2SO4 being strong acid undergoes reaction with Ag2O giving insoluble salt.

The study on the effects of adding H2SO4 to Ag2O will be described throughout this article with a chemical equation, in its balanced form.

What is the product of H2SO4 and Ag2O

Silver (1) sulphate and water molecule are the product of reaction H2SO4 + Ag2O.

Ag2O + H2SO4 → Ag2SO4 + H2O

What type of reaction is H2SO4 + Ag2O

H2SO4 + Ag2O is double displacement reaction.

Double displacement reaction between H2SO4 and Ag2O

How to balance H2SO4+ Ag2O

The reaction is balanced using the following steps.

Ag2O + H2SO4 → Ag2SO4 + H2O

  • Firstly, we have to tag both side of reaction with alphabetical coefficients.
  • A Ag2O + B H2SO4→ C Ag2SO4 + D H2O
  • Expressed coefficient are used to represent alphabetical reactants and products.
  • Ag = 2A+2C, O = A+4B+4C+D, S = B+C, H = 2B+2D.
  • Enter the coefficient values into the elimination method for estimation.
  • Get the smallest, whole integer values from the result by simplifying it.
  • A = 1, B = 1, C =1, D=1
  • Thus, the balanced equation is-
  • Ag2O + H2SO4 → Ag2SO4 + H2O

H2SO4 + Ag2O titration

Titration between H2SO4 and Ag2O is not possible to predict because both are oxidizing agent, so they cannot undergo acid base reaction. However, it shows possibility of redox titration with some irregularities.

H2SO4+ Ag2O net ionic equation

Net ionic equation, for given reaction is

2H+ + O-2 → H2O

For deriving net ionic equation, following steps are used:

  • A molecular equation should be balanced and include the phase of every compound.
  • H2SO4(Aq) + Ag2O(S) → Ag2SO4 (S) + H2O(l)
  • The aqueous salts or chemicals in the equation must be transformed into ions.
  • Only the strong electrolytes should be broken down because they can completely dissociate.
  • 2H+ + SO4-2 + 2Ag+ + O-2 → 2Ag+ + SO4-2 + H2O
  • In order to display the species that are actually involved in the reaction, the spectator ions must be cancelled out.
  • Thus, the net ionic equation is
  • 2H+ + O-2 → H2O

H2SO4and Ag2O conjugate pair

  • H2SO4 [Conjugate base] =HSO4
  • H2O [Conjugate acid] = H3O+
  • Ag2O does not have any conjugate pairs because it is mild oxidizing agent.

H2SO4and Ag2O intermolecular forces

  • H2SO4 shows London dispersion forces because of presence of non-planarity in its molecule
  • Van der Waals forces are present in Ag2O because of general tendency of oxides to show covalent character.

H2SO4 + Ag2O reaction enthalpy

The reaction enthalpy of H2SO4 + Ag2O is -151.2 kJ/mol.

NumbersCompoundsΔH( kJ/mol)
1H2SO4-814.4 kJ/mol
2Ag2O-31 kJ/mol
3Ag2SO4-715.9 kJ/mol
4H2O-280.7 kJ/mol
Tabular representation of compounds with their enthalpies.
  • The enthalpy is calculated using the formula:
  • Change in enthalpy = addition of enthalpies of formation of product – addition of enthalpies of formation of reactant.
  • Enthalpy change = [(-715.9) + (-280.7)] – [(-814.4) + (-31)]

= (-996.6) + (-845.4) kJ/mol
= -151.2 kJ/mol

Is H2SO4+ Ag2O a buffer solution

H2SO4 + Ag2O does not give buffer solution due to presence of strong H2SO4.

Is H2SO4 + Ag2O a complete reaction

H2SO4 + Ag2O is complete reaction because the reactants get completely converted to silver (1) sulphate and water molecules.

Is H2SO4 + Ag2O an exothermic or endothermic reaction

H2SO4 + Ag2O is exothermic in nature, as enthalpy change for this reaction is negative, indicating that heat is released.

H2SO4 + Ag2O a redox reaction

H2SO4 + Ag2O is not a redox reaction because the reaction does not involve any electron transfer and the oxidation states of every reacting species does not change from the reactant side to the product side.

Is H2SO4 + Ag2O a precipitation reaction

H2SO4 + Ag2O is a precipitation reaction because silver (1) sulphate has low solubility, it is insoluble in nature, leads to formation of precipitate.

Is H2SO4 and Ag2O reversible or irreversible reaction.

H2SO4 + Ag2O is irreversible reaction. The formation of white solid precipitate of Ag2SO4, makes reaction impossible to revert back.

Is H2SO4 + Ag2O displacement reaction

H2SO4 + Ag2O is a double displacement reaction, because both ions of reactants displace their place, resulting in new compound.


Ag2O is used for photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants and dyes, when reacts with H2SO4 leads to formation of white solid precipitate silver (1) sulphate. Ag2SO4 is having antimicrobial property and acts as biocide. Displacement of both ions takes place during reaction, results in liberation of heat.