11 Epigynous Flower Example: Detailed Explanations And Images

An epigynous flower has a fused hypanthium with gynoecium and the sepals, petals, stamens are attached to the rim of hypanthium.

The epigynous flower is comprised of fused hypanthium and bounded sepals, petals and stamens with the rim of hypanthium.


The rose plants are cone under rosaceae family and these grow in perennial shrubs.

Roses have the centred ovary which is present between petals and green sepals which are pointing downward. The ovary is covered by petals.In addition to sepals and petals they contain anthers and stamens.

Rose flowers are comprised of five petals but sometimes there maybe many petals. The petals may be differentiated in colours and size.

epigynous flower example
Image Credit: Rose flower Wikipedia

Flowers of apple:

Flowers of apple have petals which are usually pink in colour and many stamens.

These stamens produce pollens. Stamens are the male reproductive organs and these are present on the top of stigma. The ovary is seen at the bottom of the flower. If the ovary is fertilized it develops into fruit.

epigynous flower example
Image Credit: Apple flower Wikipedia


It come under family of Amaryllidaceae.

Daffodil is also known as shell flower. The stem is comprised of a yellow blossom with corolla which is deeply cleft into six lobes.The trumpet shape carries the stamens.


They come under family of rosaceae.

The Plum Flowers are white, pink, and red in colour. The petals may be in single row (five) or many in number. The flowers are sweet in fragrance and are edible.


It comes under family of Asteraceae .

The flower has petals and attractive heads. The petals may be yellow in colour. The head like attractive structure is in brown or purple in colour. The sunflower seeds are edible. these are used as oil resource.

800px Sunflower sky backdrop
Image Credit: Sun Flower Wikipedia


It comes under family of orchidaceae.

The orchids are differentiated from other plants in morphological characters as well as flower structures.

The flowers are comprised of masses of pollen which is known as pollinia.

The stamens and pistols are joined together to form a column.

Many small seeds are present without endosperm.


It comes under the magnolia family. The scientific name of banana is Michelia figo.

The flower of banana is also known as blossom. The flower is edible part of the plant which arises from the end of the stem. The flower holds the clusters of the bananas.

The flower looks like a cone and the bracts are in purple colour and looks like a heart.

The middle of the flower is in white colour and it tastes bitter.

The flower is comprised of sepals, petals, stamens, and the ovary.

The sepals and petals are the outer parts of the flower. These parts are colourful and attractive. Stamen is the male part of the flower and ovary is the female part.

Plantain flower 5363130511
Image Credit : Banana Flower Wikipedia


It comes under the family of cucurbitaceae .

The flower are mostly bright yellow in colour. The cucumber flower are unisexual. They may be gynoecious or monoecious./

The female flowers are produced by gynoecious flowers and they bear immature bloom namely ovary and it helps in the development of fruit.

The male flowers grow on a thinner looking stem.


It comes under cucurbitaceae family.

Melon produces unisexual flowers which are yellow in colour.

The both male and female flowers can be produced in melon plant.

The male flowers have short with pollen in the middle of the flower and thin stem.

The female flowers have roundish folded stigma in the centre of the flower and thicker immature shape which bears unpollinated fruit.


The Asteraceae family produce epigynous flowers.

These flowers contain compact inflorescence which are attractive.   

The flowers may be tubular or ligulate, unisexual or bisexual and filaments are absent with united anthers.   

Androecium is not found and gynoecium is seen some species. The seeds are endospermic in nature.

 The fruit in asteraceae family is known as cypsela.

The flowers like daisy, sunflower are the best examples of asteraceae family. 


It comes under onagraceae family.

They have attractive pendulous flowers and the shape of the flowers may be tubular or bell.

The flowers are red and purple to white.

The flowers have four small petals and four large slender bright red and purple sepals.     


These flowers are also known as zucchini flowers. These flowers are edible and come under cucurbita species.

The blossoms are soft, delicate, and taste mild. Usually the squash are orange or yellow in colour.

The flowers unisexual and these can be pollinated through the bees, humming birds, butterfly etc.

The female flowers can be identified by swollen embryonic fruit at their base while the male squash are identified by long skinny stalks. 


It comes under cucurbitaceae family.

The guord flowers have white and attractive flowers with spreading petals. The male flowers contain long peduncles while the female flowers contain short peduncles.

The ovary is present inferior in the shape of the fruit.      


The epigynous flowers may be unisexual or bi sexual and some species can prodocue necter through epigynous disc at the base of the corolla tube. This may attract the insects.


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