31 Copper Uses in Different Industries (Need to Know Facts)

Copper is a well-known soft metallic element and red-orange in colour. It has atomic number of 29 and 63.546 Ao.  Let us list out the industries where copper is used broadly.

  • Electricity generation field
  • Electric wiring
  • Chemical industry
  • Medical industries
  • Automobile industry
  • Jewellery and architecture field

Electricity generation field

  • Copper is used in the energy market for making renewable energy sources
  • Copper is also used in a huge range in electronic industries to make electronic devices

Electric wiring

  • Copper is broadly used in making wire and cable due to its high conductivity
  • Copper wires are used in houses, cable and undergrounds due to its small electrical resistance

Chemical industry

  • Copper chemicals are utilisable to manufacture pesticides like herbicides, fungicides and others
Copper uses
Copper uses in different industries

Medical industries

  • Cu is a folk medicine for getting relief from arthritis
  • Copper is eligible to kill bacteria.

Automobile industry

  • Copper us useful in automobile industry as well to manufacture electric vehicles
  • Copper is used to convert energy to high electricity power in cars

Jewellery and architecture field

  • Cu is useful in making antique jewellery and folklore.
  • Copper is used as a durable metal in the formation of architectures from the ancient time

Copper oxychloride uses

Copper Oxychloride is a chemical compound formulated as Cu2(OH)3Cl. It is one of the complex salts of Copper. Let us identify some relevant industries where Cu2(OH)3Cl is used:

  • Agricultural industry
  • Paint industry

Agricultural industry

  • Copper Oxychloride 50% WP which is known as Blue Copper is used as Dhanucop Fungicide to reduce fungal infection of crops
  • Copper Oxychloride is used as commercial feed supplements for the crops

Paint industry

Copper Oxychloride has pigmentation property which makes it utilisable in paint industry.

Copper sulphate uses

Copper sulphate is formulated as CuSO4. it is found in the form of numerous hydrates. It is a salt of Copper which is used in several industries. Let us focus on those industries.

  • Textile industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Battery industry
  • Agriculture industry
  • Leather industry
  • Paint industry
  • Chemical industry

Textile industry

  • Copper sulphate is used as a drying agent in its anhydrous form
  • Copper sulphate is used in textile industry as a natural dyeing agent

Petroleum industry

  • Copper sulphate is used in petroleum industry as drying agent
  • Copper sulphate is used as an acetylating agent in this industry

Battery industry

  • Copper sulphate has a broad range of use in battery manufacturing process
  • Copper sulphate is sued in Li batteries as cathode material

Agriculture industry

  • Copper sulphate is used as an additive in foods and fertilizers
  • Copper sulphate is used in wood and agricultural industry as insecticide

Leather industry

  • Copper sulphate has a property of finishing off bacteria in it which is why it is used in leather industry
  • Copper sulphate is sued to dye the colours on leather in fixed and retained manner.

Paint industry

  • Copper sulphate is used for making pigmentation in paint industry
  • Copper sulphates’ pigmentation property makes is highly useful in making ink

Chemical industry

  • Copper sulphate is sued as an effective metal in refining metals
  • Copper sulphate is used to convert cathode to anode in electrochemical solutions
  • CuSO4 is utilised on plating metal objects and also in electrolyte fluid.


Copper is one of the ductile soft metals that have its own shine. This is why the metal is largely used in the formation of different architectures. The metal is malleable and a very good conductor of heat and electricity. Therefore, in electronic industry, the metal is renowned for its conductivity property.