Combi Drill Vs Impact Driver: What, Types, How (Science Behind)

Combi drill and impact drivers are the tools required to drill holes into soft and hard surfaces. Let us see in detail the difference between combi drill and impact driver.

Combi DrillImpact Driver
Combi drill is based on the back and forth impacting motion.Impact driver is based on the rotational mechanism.
Combi drill offers the drilling capacity up to 50Nm torque.Impact driver offers large driving capacity more than 150Nm of torque.
Combi drills have lower rpm and takes extra seconds than the impacts driver.Impact driver has a higher rpm and also fastens the process in seconds when compared to combi drills.
Combi drill basically has three different modes in it, hammer drill, drill driver and screwdriver.Impact drill is a tool that has one single mode but much more capable than combi drill.
Combi drill vs Impact Driver

Combi drill has three modes that is switched according to the needs. In this article we shall discuss in detail, when to use combi drill, when to use impact driver and several other facts.

When to use combi drill?

Combi drill is a multi-mode tool used to drill into concrete, building and other hard surfaces. Let us see the uses of combi drill.

  • Concrete Drilling
  • Steel Drilling
  • Screwdriver Replacement
  • Mansory Drilling

In combi drill both the translational motion and rotational motion takes place. The drill part rotates about an axis at a great speed and simultaneously moves forward. Basically, in a drilling system there cannot exist rotatory motion alone because in the process both force and motion go hand in hand.

Concrete Drilling

Combi drill is used to drill into concrete which is a hard material made up of cement and several mixtures. Screws, bolts and other materials are drilled into concrete using combi drill.

Steel Drilling

Combi drills are widely used to drill into steel which bores holes. Cutting process in steels, aluminium and high strength steel uses the combi drill. The drill is thrusted against the target material where the drill makes a hundred or thousand rotations per minutes.

Screwdriver Replacement

Combi drill is often used to install and remove screws from the target location. The screw is fixed to the drill and when the moto is switched on the screw is either installed in the target material or removed from it. The screwdriver mode in a combi drill is used to insert and remove srcews.

Mansory Drilling

Combi drills are majorly used in mansory to drill in hardware materials. Whenever there is a need to fill the bore holes with screws, bolts and fasteners combi drill is being used in such cases. Combi drill has three modes that is applied according to the needs.

When to use impact driver?

Impact drivers is a tool which is used to drive long screws, fasteners and log bolts. Let us examine the uses of an impact driver.

  • Plywood Installation
  • Wood Screws
  • A Screwdriver
  • Nut Tightening
  • Fasteners Installation

Impact driver works primarily on high voltage, when the voltage is raised the power of the motor in the impact driver increases. The impact driver is typically of two types, namely, manual impact drivers and powered impact drivers. In an impact driver the impact force delivers a sudden thrust on the target object.

Plywood Installation

An impact driver uses a rotational bit to drill in screws into plywood in order for its installation in the target point.

Wood Screws

Impact driver uses two or more types of rotaional bits which screws in metals or large bolts on the target material. Driving screws into wood is carried out effortlessly by using the impact drill rotational bit since the wood has great thickness.

A Screwdriver

Impact driver is generally used as screwdriver where the screws and log bolts are installed and removed easily. The purpose of a screwdriver is to drill in target material. At houses, a screwdriver is used to drill in screws and bolts to fit telivision, air conditioners etc.

Nut Tightening

Impact driver is generally used to tighten nuts but precautions must be taken in order to carry out the process since electric current is applied to the motor. Impact drivers is used to remove nuts and screws that are been corrosive and extremely tight.

Fasteners Installation

Fasteners are generally a hardware device which is employed to cojoins or dismantles any two objects. In this case we use impact driver drill to install fasteners to remove the joint between the two objects. The motor present in the powered impact driver converts the electric energy to mechanical drill and conducts the process.


In this article, we conclude that a combi drill and an impact drill are two distinct tools with varying degrees of efficiency that are used for a variety of mechanical tasks. The impact driver is much more efficient than the combi drill because the time it takes to complete the work is much shorter.

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