Bebr2 Lewis Structure, Characteristics: 13 Must To Know Facts

This article illustrates bebr2 complete information like bebr2 Lewis structure, characteristics, and other vital properties.

Beryllium bromide has the chemical formula Bebr2 are hygroscopic compound. The chemical Bebr2 is soluble in water and is used in nuclear reactors, x-ray lithography, computer parts, and as a catalyst.

The earth’s crust naturally contains beryllium, a rare element. On the other hand, bromine does not form by itself but can sometimes be found as crystallized mineral halide salts.

How to draw Bebr2 lewis structure?

Lewis Structure is the dot representation of electrons and shows how the bond formation takes place. In this different atoms with their valence electrons participate in chemical reaction or bond formation to create new molecules.

The atomic number of Beryllium is 4.

Electronic configuration of Be = 1s2,2s2

Valence electron in Be = 2

The atomic number of Bromine is 35.

Electronic configuration of Br = [Ar] 4s2,3d10,4p5

Valence electron in Br =7

Bebr2 lewis structure resonance

When metal and nonmetal combine to form an ionic compound, the result is beryllium, which is a metal, and Bromine, which is a nonmetal.

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BeBr2 resonance

The BeBr2 molecule has a different electronegativity from beryllium and bromine, meaning it has no dipole moment. Because of the equal charge distribution of negative and positive charges, its structure is similar to that of a carbon monoxide molecule.

Bebr2 lewis structure shape

The Lewis structure of beryllium clearly shows that it is a triatomic molecule. The participating atom in that molecule has a linear geometry and a 180° angle.

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Geometry and Shape

Beryllium is a less electronegative element than bromine. It is a tetrahedral polymer. Thus Be halides are not ionic they are covalent due to the high polarising power of Be+2, therefore its structure is shown above.

Bebr2 lewis structure formal charge

The formal charge is defined as the charge occupied by an atom that shares the electrons mutually and equally.

Formal Charge = Valence electron – Non bonding Valence electron – Bonding electron/2

Formal Charge = 2 – 0 – 4/2

                    Be = 0

Formal Charge = 7- 6 – 2/2

                     Br = 0

Thus the formal charge on the Bebr2 lewis structure is zero.

Bebr2 lewis structure angle 

Bebr2 has linear geometry and an angle of 180°. In the Bebr2 lewis, the structure beryllium is in the center and surrounded by two bromine atoms.

Bebr2 lewis structure octet rule

An atom’s outermost shell has eight electrons according to the octet rule. Beryllium only needs four electrons to complete its octet and become exceptional, whereas Bromine has seven valence electrons that can follow the octet rule but gain electrons from Be to form a stable electronic configuration.

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Octet of Bebr2

Be Group 2 has two valence electrons. It is found in the periodic table of elements. Be is an exception because it does not adhere to the octet rule and instead expands its shell to accommodate more electrons.

Bebr2 lewis structure lone pairs

There are no lone pair electrons in the BeBr2 molecule’s center beryllium. Bebr2 lewis’s structure consists of two single bonds with beryllium atoms attached with two bromine atoms.

The center atom Be does have not lone pairs, it consists of two valence electrons.

Bebr2 valence electrons

An atom’s outermost electrons are known as valence electrons. Beryllium does not obey the octet rule, which states that all elements in the periodic table should have the same number of electrons.

This is because it only has two valence electrons, and this makes it less prone to breaking up as it undergoes chemical reactions.

Be= 2 valence electrons

2 Br = 7*2 valence electrons

Bebr2 hybridization

When one S orbital and one p orbital combine, a molecular orbital is formed which is called Sp Hybridization. During excitation, one valence electron shifts to the 2p shell from the 2s shell of beryllium. Sp hybridization produces equal parts s and p.

A sigma bond is formed when the fifth electrons of the second bromine atom bond to the left electron of the beryllium atom. The single covalent bond contains only a sigma bond and no pi bond.

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Hybridization in Bebr2

Bebr2 solubility

Bebr2 are highly water-soluble molecules. Bebr2 is a molecule with a low pH value that is hygroscopic.

A cation should have the smallest size and an anion should have the largest size according to Fajan’s rule.

Is Bebr2 ionic?

No, Bebr2 is not ionic it is covalent molecules.

Ionic compounds are those which are made by the attraction of positive and negative charges and by only the transfer of electrons from one atom to the other.


Be has two valence electrons and Br has seven. If we look at the periodic table, we can see that Be belongs to group 2 (Metal) and Br belongs to group 17 (Non-metal). Because metal and non-metal have different electronegativity, they may form an ionic bond. However, the electronegativity difference between these two is 1.39, indicating a polar covalent bond rather than an ionic bond.

It adheres to Fajan’s rule, which states that a molecule should be covalent when there is a large difference in the size of its cations or anions.

Because Be+2 has a smaller cation size and Br-1 has a larger anion size, Bebr2 is covalent.

Is Bebr2 polar or nonpolar?

The behavior of an atom that attracts a shared pair of valence electrons is known as polarity.

This is a nonpolar molecule because there is no dipole cloud on the beryllium bromide molecule. Separation of charge occurs in polar molecules, resulting in two distinct positive and negative ends.

When unequal charge separation occurs among the participating atoms, the dipole moment is formed. The bond formation will occur at the end that is experiencing the greatest effect of the dipole cloud. According to this description, beryllium bromide is nonpolar because the involved atoms have symmetrical charge distribution.

Is Bebr2 acidic or basic?

Bebr2 is hygroscopic and slightly acidic.

Beryllium bromide exhibits an anomaly in that it does not follow the octet rule. It cannot accommodate eight valence electrons due to its small structure and a limited number of shells. The molecular geometry is linear because all of the molecules involved are arranged in a straight line.

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