5 Barium Nitride Uses: Facts You Should Know!

Barium Nitride (Ba3N2) is a chemical compound having molecular formula Ba3N2 and molar mass 440g/mol. Let us discuss the uses about this inorganic compound.

Barium Nitride due to its numerous unique properties finds applications in various fields like,

  • Optoelectronic uses
  • Semiconductor application
  • Synthetic application
  • Polymer and industrial chemistry
  • Mechanical cutting devices and tools

Let us now discuss the different aspects of Barium Nitride and its applications in following sections.

Optoelectronic uses

  • Ba3N2 as a dopant in LEDs or other optical devices.
  • Ba3N2 for making tungsten filament in green and neon lights.

Semiconductor Application

  • Ba3N2 as designing efficient semiconductor for electron transfer process.
  • Ba3N2 semiconductor converts power more efficiently.

Synthetic Application

  • Ba3N2 can be as a synthetic precursor for ternary metal nitrides.
  • Ba3N2 acts as a flux growth medium for GaN.

Polymer and Industrial chemistry

  • Ba3N2 as binder in making of ceramic glazes.
  • Ba3N2 is used in synthesis of compounds having barium oxide used by vaccum tube industry.

Mechanical Cutting Devices

  • Ba3N2 in refractory for cutting and abrasive tool preparation.
  • Ba3N2 as a thickening agent in crucibles.
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Uses of Ba3N2


Barium Nitride is an ionic inorganic compound which is quite stable and hence it finds applications in various areas of research and technology. Its refractory behavior makes it hard and resistant to corrosion. Its semiconducting behavior makes is an apt choice for dopant in semiconductor applications.